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The Shores and the South


Two of the most popular areas of St. Augustine are the neighborhoods The Shores, and The South. Both are in the 32086 zip code, south of the city. Both neighborhoods run along the Matanzas River, and both are Census Designated places.

The South is the more northern neighborhood of them, which leads to quite a bit of confusion for people who don't live in one of these areas. The South runs from Flagler Hospital all the way down to Moultrie Creek. This neighborhood is packed into 1.7 square miles, and has approximately 2000 homes and lots. There are only small roads through the area, which keeps it a bit more quiet and reserved. There are two boat ramps along Shore Drive, one on the north end - Douglas C Crane Park; and Shore Drive Boat Ramp on the southern end. The views from Shore Drive are extraordinary, running under a canopy of trees. Even if you don't end up living in the area, you'll want to make this drive often. The South is very close to Walmart, and numerous restaurants.

The Shores picks up on the other side of Moultrie Creek, and runs south for a few miles. This neighborhood is comprised of 3.5 square miles, and has approximately 3500 homes and lots. Shores Boulevard loops through the entire subdivision, and is a four lane road. This larger road brings the community a higher visibility than the South, though it does have a speed limit of only 25. This neighborhood has miles of walkways, a community swimming pool, golf course, ponds, and numerous parks. The area just outside The Shores is reaching peak development status now. While there's been a Publix there for a long time, now there's also a Winn Dixie, a CVS, Zaxbys, Dunkin Donuts, and even more being built.

Both areas are well established. You'll find people who've lived there for long periods, building a real sense of community.

If you're looking for some land to build on or an existing home, we highly recommend these neighborhoods. Give Peggy a call at (904) 377-3733, and we'll discuss options for you.

Important Steps to Become a Homeowner


It's not always as easy as find a house you like, and buy the house you like. Oh no, that would just be too easy. Instead, a myriad of problems can arise. Follow some of these important steps, and help ensure your success.

A person selling a home is usually ready to go. They want to get this over with as fast as possible, so they can buy their own new home, or move away, etc. Keeping this in mind, the information you get from them may not always be the right information. We had a family recently who found their dream home, only to have those dreams shattered by a unscrupulous seller. There were obvious signs of damage to the home, however, the homeowner assured everyone that the causes had been repaired, and all we were seeing were old damages. The buyers got approved for the mortgage, and signed the papers to begin the process of buying the home.

The mortgage company sent out an appraiser, who immediately put a halt to all proceedings, based on the visible damage. From there, several inspections were done at our cost, and it was found the problem had never been adequately addressed. There had been an attempt to repair it, but they had only succeeded in making a bigger problem. The issue was visible mold inside the kitchen of the home. A roofer had been called, had done a shady patch job, and that just re-routed the problem. The water had continued to leak through the walls of the home for an undetermined time. This caused studs in the walls to warp, the floor boards to rot, and water to pool under the house, affecting the foundation.

There was another issue with the large plot of land. The seller had previously owned the home next door, and when she owned both, she built a fence between them. The fence was nowhere near the property line. When she sold that home with the fence, the new owners assumed it was their property line, and moved all sorts of junk onto the property. This was all visible, but the seller showed us an incorrectly placed property marker. The land survey we ordered showed the discrepancy, at our cost.

All the inspections and surveys were done at our cost. The seller, who did not have an agent representing her, was very firm in her decision not to help pay. She claimed to need the cost of the house, plus more, to move herself. In the end, this decision cost her the sale. Months later, she still lives there, and the house is off the market. The family who were going to buy it, still looking for that dream home.

I promised important steps, and here they are:

  • Trust your gut. We all saw the damage, we all knew. But we took the seller at her word.
  • Do inspections first. The mortgage and paperwork? That can wait. Make sure your chosen home will work first.
  • Don't lie to the Real Estate agents. Even if it's not your agent, tell them what they need to know. We'll find out anyway, so save us the money and time.
  • Research research research. Did I mention research?

It's important to choose a real estate agent who can help you foresee the issues, and even help convince you to keep looking. When you call me at 904-377-3733, I will be that agent for you. I will do the research, I will guide you in the right direction. That's my promise to you.

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Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Peggy Medick, and I am a real estate agent in St. Johns County, Florida. St. Johns County is one of the fastest growing counties in Florida, anchored by the beautiful sugar sand beaches of historic St. Augustine. This is a great time to put down some roots, and there's no better place in all of Florida than St. Augustine. St. Johns County has some of everything. There are gorgeous subdivisions like The Shores, farmland in Hastings, riverfront homes along the St. Johns River, historic homes in the old city, and beachfront homes along our entire coastline, to name a few.

What is it about St. Augustine that has so much appeal? Again, it's the 'everything' factor. There's the historic district, the sugar sand beaches, the forests, and the proximity to everything. You're just a short drive from Jacksonville and Daytona, while Gainesville, Orlando, Tampa, and even the Kennedy Space Center are all within a couple hours drive.

There are all the options you would expect - single family homes, condos, mobile homes, apartments, even RV parks are on the table in St. Augustine.

Berkshire Hathaway has everything you'll need. We know the mortgage brokers, the inspectors, the moving companies, and everything else you need to get started. We will work hard to make your move as easy as possible, assisting you at every step. The entire process of buying or selling a home can be very confusing, and stressful. I want you to know, I will always be just a phone call away, and we can work out any situations that arise.

It's all up to you. Give me a call at (904) 377-3733, and let's discuss your needs. Would you like to live in the middle of everything, be a part of the action? Would you prefer to live in the woods, or someplace where you can fish or golf right outside your back door? I can make that dream a reality.

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